IIA members (below 40 years) & Student Members can participate.
Architects (below 40 years) and Architecture Students who have applied for membership are eligible to participate.


  • Participants can choose from any of the common major categories of logo design such as; abstract logo mark, word mark, letter mark, and emblems.
  • The logo is expected to be modern, formal, sophisticated and elegant.
  • Harsh gradients, realistic rendered highlights and drop shadows are not preferred.
  • Flat shadows and colours are preferred.
  • Simplified or abstract representation of objects are preferred over direct representation of objects.
  • Tt needs to be legible as it would go on to represent the initiative on multiple platforms such as website, social media and print.
  • Submitted logos cannot contain third party copyrighted materials and cannot include images or licensed images that have been previously published.
  • It is necessary that the participants come up with their own logo from scratch
  • Do not use the IIA logo or modify the same
  • Participants will have to give an undertaking that the entry is their original work


Participants has to register in https://yaf.indianinstituteofarchitects.com/

Registration type

  • IIA member below 40
  • IIA student member
  • Applied for IIA membership
  • Applied for student membership

Name of the applicant

Name of the firm/institute




Anonymity in the evaluation process. Entries that do not

Comply to this protocol shall be disqualified

The logo should be in pdf file and vector file with less than 10 mb . It should contain relevant diagrams or images which convey the core idea concept of the logo. Concept note should be described in 400 words max.to know the idea behind the logo design in Microsoft word format (.doc or .docx).

Presentation sheet should contain max 5 pages in a3 size with less than 20 mb in pdf file.

Animation of The logo should be in gif with less than 2 mb file Size.

Brief profile of the applicant should be in pdf with less

Than 2 mb file size. Photo of the applicant should be in Jpg/jpeg (300 dpi).

The intellectual property of the selected logo will be Transferred to the indian institute of architects once the Winner is chosen.

Submitted logos will be the property of the IIA.

The last date for submission is 2021 july 31 st 11:59 pm. 1.